Wispy Sunny Pines
Location: Santa Barbara, California, U.S.
First appearance: Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast
Last appearance: Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast
Wispy Sunny Pines is an old, abandoned mental institution.

History and the start of an Urban LegendEdit

In 1987, Shawn and Gus are out trick-or-treating when a man dives in front of Henry's police car. He explains that a girl is about to jump from the sixteenth floor to her death. Henry goes to the scene and tells Shawn and Gus to close their eyes. Shawn opens his eyes - along with Gus - but closes them again at the moment she crouches to jump.

In 2007, Doreen Harthan fell to her death after being chased by a bunch of girls. While investigating, Shawn and Gus find out that the girl from the urban legend was pulled in at the last instant by Henry. As they had their eyes covered at the vital instant, they failed to see this.



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