Wes Hildenbach
Wikia Psych - Wes Hildenbach
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Scott Michael Campbell
Family: David Hildenbach (brother, deceased)
Hair color: Blond
Status: Imprisoned
First appearance: 9 Lives
Last appearance: 9 Lives
Wes Hildenbach, portrayed by Scott Michael Campbell, lost his brother David, a gifted musician, to depression-induced suicide. This was the first of the string of such in "9 Lives", and so the starting point for Shawn and Gus to piece together what happened.

Unfortunately, they take a number of detours along the way, and Buzz McNab nearly pays the price. Having been unable to save his brother, Wes developed a raging hatred of those 'weak' souls who called helplines and were unable to face life without the crutch of support. Since McNab is suffering wedding jitters, it's at his house and at the last moment that the dynamic duo along with Lassiter and O'Hara manage to corner the killer. Wes has been putting an end to the suffering and complaining simultaneously, and making it look like suicide.