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Storyline ideas

If Psych were to make a comeback...some mostly personal storylines.

  1. Having broken off the engagement, Juliet and Shawn have stopped talking and coming back to the old stomping grounds after having a disagreement with her new place of employment, she is surprised to see Shawn back there, working as a detective.  He has now become a detective and is not playing psychic anymore.  She accuses him of doing it to win her back; he denies it, and then the realization he has changed just makes her want him.  But Shawn's got someone else...
  2. Someone is stalking the old chief's child online and it's up to the department to stop the perp/s.  Meanwhile, tensions rise as Juliet and Shawn have trouble conceiving, especially with Juliet having wanted to wait years before trying and Shawn wanting to start right away.
  3. Shawn comes back to SBPD and admits he is not a psychic.  However, his old stunt is not forgotten and he is arrested for the crime that prompted his "psychic" admission.  Shawn spends time in jail.  
  4. Shawn and Juliet are 8 months away from getting married.  While she is investigating a crime scene, she comes upon what she thinks and seems like freshly baked bread - something she cannot resist.  Turns out it was someone trying to hide their drug stash and she inadvertently becomes high on heroin for the first time.  After making up excuses, she takes the drugs to be tested, and takes some.  Juliet becomes addicted from her first try and gets heroin any way she can.  Shawn notices the change and finally after being patient breaks up with her 2 months before the wedding and leaves Juliet on her own to wrangle with her life.  
  5. When Juliet calls off the engagement, citing Shawn lied to her about being psychic, Shawn turns it around again and claims he lied that night about not being psychic because he felt he had no other choice.  But the guilt eats away at him, and he knows he will lose her for good if he gives into his guilt.

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