Trish Connors
Gender: Female
Age: 20s
Actress: Ashley Williams
Family: Captain Brett Connors (father)
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Forget Me Not
Last appearance: Forget Me Not

Trish Connors is the daughter of Captain Brett Connors and a former classmate of the Psych boys.


Not much is know about her except that she, Shawn, and Gus have known each other from elementary school through high school. Shawn always picked on her in elementary school.


She first comes to Psych asking for help. She arrives with her dad who says he has solved a case but doesn't remember who the killer is or who got killed. She later tells Gus that she is surprised that Shawn has grown up and has matured so well. Soon, however, she realizes that he hasn't matured at all, after he confronts her about an incident at a zoo years before.