Wikia Psych - Tony Todd

Tony Todd in "Final Destination 5" as William Bludworth

Anthony Tiran Todd is a prolific American character actor, whose almost three decades onscreen have encompassed over 170 different productions. At 6' 5" he is often cast in the 'heavy' roles, but has shown versatility across the emotional and genre spectra. One of his earliest roles was in Platoon, and he has since been a fan favorite with Trekkers for playing Kurn, Worf's younger brother, and an older Jake Sisko, and with Chuck fans for his turn as CIA Director Graham. Stargate fans will probably recognize him as Lord Haikon, leader of a secret Jaffa warrior sect, and followers of 24 as General Benjamin Juma. In short, it often seems that Tony Todd has appeared in most major 'dramatic' shows of the 21st century. He portrayed Detective Moses Johnson on the USA Network series Psych.