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Shawn's Breakdown
Composer: Adam Cohen
Lyricist: Steve Franks
Performers: Shawn Spencer
Z and Juliet O'Hara
Song Order
"Promised Land"
"Gus in the Spotlight"
"Shawn's Breakdown" is a song from "Psych: The Musical". It features the singing of Shawn Spencer and Z. Juliet O'Hara does not sing, but interjects in speech.


Years of drafts, non-stop revisions.
Laid to waste Z's composition.

Unaware they had destroyed it.
'Til a man came to exploit it.

Shawn, why are you singing?

Overleveraged, in a panic.
Ben and Thornton killed the critic.

You can't be here!
You can't do this!

When a crazed man pounds the door,
open up and drop him to the floor!

I think I've proved how difficult
it really is to knock a door off its hinge!

In the hospital you figure things out...
and I know now why my head hurt.

With too much evidence for hiding,
they left him there to take the blame.

There was enough there for indicting
deciding the room had to go up into flame!

And with that we know why
He was really suicidal
When Z learned of the play
Then he had his revelation
But the skeptics abound
When you´re under medication.

They stop listening once you´re labeled.

So he planned his escape
To retrieve the evidence
That could show he´s a victim
And prove his innocence!

He gave it to Elisa because she was the only one he could trust!

She found Ben.
It was the end of her
He had to kill to keep her silent.
Then there´s me
I was the obstacle that made his plan get truly violent!

You didn´t brag to him that you were going to solve it right?

(flashback to Shawn talking to Ben)
We are going to bring this madman to justice.
Now it´s ending!
Z is coming!
Blood will spill
So please come running!


The institution 'across' town where Shawn stayed was Bernie Bethel's psychiatric hospital from Shawn, Interrupted.

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