Psych: A Fatal Frame of Mind
Author: William Rabkin
Illustrator: None
Publication date: August 3, 2010
Published by: Signet Plublishing
ISBN: 978-0451231598
Publication Order
Psych: The Call of the Mild
Psych: Mind-Altering Murder
Psych: A Fatal Frame of Mind is a mystery novel written by William Rabkin published on August 3, 2010. It is based on the USA Network television series Psych.

Basic PlotEdit

When the Santa Barbara art museum unveils its newest acquisition, the long-lost masterpiece by Dante Gabriel Rossetti isn't the only surprise behind the red curtain — so is the museum's curator. Dead. The case has everything Shawn likes: it's bizarre, it's baffling, and there's a snack bar at the crime scene. But the investigation gets a lot less fun as he and Gus begin to realize that the clues are leading them towards a centuries-old cabal desperate to hide a terrible secret — and more than willing to kill the two detectives who are trying to reveal it.

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