Often It's the Opposite (Pt. 2)
Composer: Adam Cohen
Lyricist: Steve Franks
Performers: Woodrow Strode
Song Order
"Often It's the Opposite (Pt. 1)"
"I Hurt No One"
"Often It's the Opposite (Pt. 2)" is a song from "Psych: The Musical" and follow-up the the previous song, "Often It's the Opposite (Pt. 1)". It features the singing of Woodrow Strode.


It’s the opposite
Of what you might assume
Think you’re too full for jello
I can prove there’s always room

Find your wife hot-tubbing
With a cabby from Khartoum
It’s the opposite of that
How do you sleep, Matack

It's the opposite of that
It's the opposite of that

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