Shawn Spencer often displays many quirks. Here is a list of a few of his many quirks.

  1. A fear of (or, perhaps, "distaste for") pointy things.
  2. Psycho freaks him out (just as The Tell-Tale Heart freaks out Gus).
  3. He keeps a book of speeches for any occasion (including Gus' obituary).
  4. He does not like sherry. Even when it's a $30,000 bottle of Spanish sherry.
  5. Spent an entire year with an interpretative dance group in Buffalo.
  6. Refuses to taste his own blood no matter how many times Gus insists he do it.
  7. He once had a cat named Chairman Meow who disappeared under mysterious circumstances...and may actually have been a girl.
  8. He owns a heating and air conditioner repairman disguise.
  9. He's a strawberry crepe enthusiast.
  10. He loves bees and historical novels.
  11. Spent a year at a winery in Argentina.
  12. He's a dilettante of shadow puppetry.
  13. Spent a summer working in a Hassidic deli, where he learned to read Hebrew.
  14. Was dishonorably discharged from the Salvation Army.
  15. Makes his own salt water taffy.
  16. He has an obsession with breakfast for lunch.
  17. He plays the Mandocello. But not well.
  18. He plans to get married in space.
  19. He writes a Halloween letter to Wes Craven every year.
  20. He worked a couple evenings at the Meineke.
  21. He only reads the London Financial Times and Dog Fancier.
  22. He has an irrational fear of tassels.
  23. He has dreams of being rescued by a fireman that looks like Dolph Lundgren.
  24. He doesn't like when people talk about themselves in the 3rd person. Dumped a girl after two dates because of it.
  25. He lived at the old Mee Mee's Fluff & Fold because he likes dry cleaning. He also lived at a plate factory, which is why he has home-made plates in his apartment.
  26. He did a brief stint as a lobbiest for M&Ms, trying to get the light brown one reinstated.
  27. He and Gus both have an intense love of bunnies.
  28. His favorite ringtone is "Rumpshaker" by Wreckx-n-Effect.
  29. He apparently does not pay taxes.
  30. He used to spin as DJ Coldcuts.
  31. He has two names "Regular Shawn" and "Malibu Shawn", there is no "Relationship Shawn".
  32. He never introduces Gus by his own name. Excluding once in A Very Juliet Episode
  33. Whenever he makes a mistake, his usual reply is, "I've heard it both ways".
  34. He does not know how to fix nitros on a car.
  35. He screams like a girl.
  36. He struggles with tone deafness.
  37. His "I've found a clue face" includes lots of face scrunching.
  38. He has two balls...and a phantom one that he calls "Rigby".
  39. He over-enunciates when he's uncomfortable.
  40. He worked at an Arby's once.
  41. He and Gus both find the color fruit puffs makes the milk beautiful.
  42. He always opens the box of cereal from the bottom first to get the prize.

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