Throughout the show, facets of  Lassiter's hilarious character shine through. The following are various hobbies that we discover as the seasons pass:

  • As a child, he spent his weekends at Old Sonora, an Old West tourist attraction. (High Noon-ish)
  • Keeps a little black book of all the people he's arrested so that he can "check on them" -- The ones with stars on them are repeat offenders. (Poker? I Barely Know Her)
  • He loves Ravi Shankar. (Ghosts)
  • He loves the show "Cops". He even has the theme song as his ring tone. (Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing)
  • He's been trying to get
    on a private security team forever. He once wrote a letter to Gerald Ford saying he wanted to protect him. And that he loved him. (Think Tank)
  • He enjoys shooting his neighbors' squirrels. (Feet Don't Kill Me Now)
  • If his internet browser history means anything, he fancies grenades. (Not Even Close Encounters)
  • He's spent the last 15 years building a tolerance to chloroform, which came in handy when a "vampire" kidnapped him. (This Episode Sucks)

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