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Shawn often says things incorrectly, and his response when corrected is usually, "I've heard it both ways" (or some variation of that). Throughout the series, a few other characters have also used the phrase.

Season 1Edit

Shawn: Now, what I´m going to need from you is an article of clothing; preferably an undergarment.

Juliet: Don´t you usually get that from the victim?

Shawn: I´ve seen it both ways.

Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast

Season 2Edit

Shawn: It's almost pronounced like "girdle" because of the omelette on the "o".

Juliet: Pretty sure that's an umlaut.

Shawn: I've heard it both ways.

- If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?

Shawn: [reading a plaque] Queen… Nerfertitty?

Jules: Nefertiti.

Shawn: I’ve heard it both ways.

- Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead

Season 3Edit

Shawn: Gus, I plead the Third.

Gus: The Third Amendment is "no soldier can live in your house against your will." You mean the Fifth.

Shawn: Yeah, I’ve heard it both ways.

- Earth, Wind, and...Wait for It

Shawn: We’re going to need a couple of firefighter costumes.

Fireman: They are uniforms.

Shawn: I’ve heard it both ways

Earth, Wind, and...Wait for It

Shawn: But I’m about to do a double axel with a salchow and finish with a sweet little camel toe.

Gus: You mean a camel spin.

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.

- Truer Lies

Season 4Edit

Shawn: Hello Mr. Stakwell, can I call you Gibby?

Mr. Stakwell: My name is Randolph.

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.

- Extradition British Columbia

Shawn: Gus, don’t be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan.

Gus: It’s Azkaban.

Shawn: I’ve heard it both ways.

Bollywood Homicide

Shawn: I have to cover you, because cadavers don´t use shirts from Abercrombie & Fletch.

Gus: It´s Abercrombie & Fitch, and I know you haven´t heard it both ways.

- High Top Fade Out

Stewart: I´ll pay you thrice.

Shawn: I´m definitely not going to do it for half the money.

Gus: Thrice is three times, Shawn.

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.

- Let's Get Hairy

Shawn: Then I knocked him down.

Gus: I though Scott knocked him down.

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.

- A Very Juliet Episode

William Tanner: Club of Seals have settled in the area.

Shawn: I believe it´s called a harem of seals.

William Tanner: Ah! I´ve heard it both ways.

The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode

Season 5Edit

Shawn: A ducket.

Gus: A docket.

Shawn: I´ve heard it… no, I haven´t.

- Feet Don't Kill Me Now

Gus: Can you tell us about Lane Tolkin?

Clive: Can I? Meaning, do I have the neurological and verbal ability to do so?

Gus: I´m sorry. Will you?

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways

Clive: Maybe on a farm you have.

Chivalry Is Not Dead … But Someone Is

[A while after Shawn argues with Lassiter, insisting that the name is pronounced Pagét]

Lassiter: Mr. Paget!

Paget: It’s pronounced Pagét.

Lassiter: I’ve heard it both ways.

Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing)

Shawn: Percy Dunn the lightning thief!

Gus: It’s Percy Jackson, Shawn.

Shawn: I’ve heard it both ways.

- Ferry Tale

Season 7Edit

Gus: Guess the crash killed him.

Shawn: And a little bit of poison. Called WD40.

Jules: Compound 1080.

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.

Gus: You know you haven´t.

Shawn: You know what´s even more tired of me saying "I´ve heard it both ways?"

Gus: Me saying you haven´t?

Shawn: That´s right.

Gus: Agree to disagree.

- No Trout About It

Shawn: Hello Eliza, my name is Shawn Spencer, this is my partner Gigi Von Tran.

Gus: Van Tranh.

Shawn: I´ve heard it both ways.

Gus: You never even watched the show.

Shawn: What show?

- Psych: The Musical

Psych: The Musical includes a song called "I've Heard It Both Ways." See here for the lyrics. 

Season 8Edit

Shawn: Oh Gus, you are clearly not accounting for the possibility of the lost city of Atlanta.

Gus: Atlantis.

Shawn: Well, I´ve heard it both ways.

Gus: And they are both wrong.

Shawn: One of them was yours.

- The Breakup

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