Leroy Jenkins
Wikia Psych - Leroy Jenkins
Gender: Male
Actor: Peter Kent
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Last Night Gus
Last appearance: Last Night Gus

Leroy Jenkins is a killer and has been on the Most Wanted List for decades until, in the wake of "Last Night Gus", the boys discover that they have stumbled across one of his victims as well as proof of his whereabouts.

Unfortunately, Leroy has an accomplice in his step-daughter Lilly, who is responsible for the gang's gaping holes in their recollection of the previous evening. She eventually lures Gus back to his place before doping him and letting 'Daddy' in with a with a gun to acquire the evidence that could put him away. Gus is completely loopy, however, which renders him oblivious to his peril, and he ends up taking out Jenkins with a glass bowl.