Judd Nelson
Judd Nelson
Born: November 28, 1959
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 1983-present

Judd Asher Nelson is one of the many meta or 'fourth wall-breaking' elements of 'Psych', being constantly referenced as the epitome of how Shawn wishes he had been in high school, and also playing Dr. Steven Reidman in the episode "Death Is in the Air" with much of the nostril-flaring angst which Shawn had described to Abigail in earlier episodes. Judd Nelson's body of work includes one of the John Hughes-directed touchstones of 'Psych', The Breakfast Club (with Molly Ringwald), and he was an orbiting member of 'The Brat Pack' in the mid-1980s. His longest single role came as Jack Richmond in Suddenly Susan. Judd Nelson has long been notorious for his degree of immersion in a role, and his character on this show may have been designed also to poke fun at that tendency. He portrayed Dr. Steven Reidman on the USA Network hit series Psych in "Death Is in the Air".

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