Jerry Carp
Retired Cop
Jerry Carp
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Max Gail
Family: Unknown
Hair color: White, balding
Eye color: Brown
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Santabarbaratown
Last appearance: Santabarbaratown 2

Jerry Carp was one of Henry's old friends, as well as a retired cop. It was revealed in "Santabarbaratown" that he, along with other (then) cops Jack Atwater and Lou Gamble, was involved in keeping Ellis Beaumont's illegal activities from being found out. Carp shot Henry in "Santabarbaratown", and in "Santabarbaratown 2" it was discovered that Jerry was in way deeper than was originally thought. He is portrayed by Max Gail.

Character BioEdit


In "Santabarbaratown", Henry, Shawn and Gus discover that Henry's old partners, Lou Gamble and Jack Atwater, were responsible for keeping the illegal activities of Ellis Beaumont under wraps for money. Because of this, Henry leaves his job as SBPD Consultant Advisor. He visits Carp, and they walk on the beach in front of Carp's home, with Henry saying they're the only two good ones left. Carp retorts that $50,000 was a lot back in that time, to which Henry says he never told him how much they got. Carp takes out his gun, then, despite his exhortations to do the right thing, shoots Henry.

Santabarbaratown 2Edit

In "Santabarbaratown 2", Shawn arrives on the beach and Carp runs off. Henry is rushed to a hospital, and Shawn waits with him, getting no sleep for 36 hours. Shawn finally leaves with Gus, and promises that he's going to get Carp. They go to Carp's mansion, where Shawn destroys many of his things, and helps Juliet and Lassiter find a secret room filled with various types of weaponry.

Shawn and Gus are going to talk to Jack Atwater, who promises to tell them everything, but he's killed by a sniper. Shawn and Gus figure out that the sniper is one of Jerry's friends, however, when they confront him while he's on duty, protecting a charity leader Julian, they're thrown out. Shawn and Gus then return to the Psych office and accidentally sit on a land mine. Luckily, a team is able to get it out without it blowing and they're safe.

Lassiter helps Shawn devise a plan to get Carp, which involves explosives to distract the men, then shuts off the power and breaks into the house, and puts a gun to Carp, saying if he doesn't come with him, he'll kill him. Carp gets led away, but Drake comes up and puts a gun to Shawn. Shawn kicks him, but Carp takes Shawn's gun. Just as Carp is about to kill Shawn, Juliet shoots him.


  • Atypically, but perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of the man's actions, Shawn makes no fish jokes about his name.