James Brolin
Wikia Psych - Mr and Mrs Brolin
Born: July 18, 1940
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation: Actor/Producer/Director
Years Active: 1961-present
Spouse (s): Jane Cameron Agee
Jan Smithers
Barbra Streisand

Craig Kenneth Bruderlin is an American actor known by his stagename which he took as his legal identity, James Brolin, and despite his half-century of screen work and more than century of credits he is probably most rapidly identified as 'Mr. Barbra Streisand'. Among his almost forty 21st century projects to date, the highest profile roles were probably on The West Wing as the Republican challenger to Martin Sheen's President Bartlet, and on Castle as the hero's CIA operative father. He portrayed Hank Mendel on the USA Network hit series Psych.

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