Jamaican Inspector
Composer: Adam Cohen
Lyricist: Steve Franks
Performers: Burton "Gus" Guster
Song Order
"The Surrender"
"Jamaican Inspector" is the final song from "Psych: The Musical". It features the singing of Burton Guster. The song also plays over part of the closing credits, sung at that point with a Caribbean accent.


Gus: Warning bells ring out cross the ocean Down to Montego Bay Don't worry all is well You English Jezebels Help is on the way

Jamaican Jamaican Inspector Man Straight from Kingston to Londontown We all gon' party like it's 1888 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Jamaican Jamaican inspectorman Getting irie in Scotland Yard You need a Rasta man to help the magistrate See me I say

Me no like this nonsense me hearin' People slashed from necklace to earrin' Ripper, leave them prostitutes alone

Jamaican inspectorman

Ripper, stop it. Me not gon' tell you again!

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