Jackson Hale is a TV weatherman, and the only 'double murder' victim in the history of Psych, being killed in both "Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder" and"Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement". In both cases, he is a heartless, rapacious Lothario, or at least was until someone removed him from the world. Since he was no better a person as a colleague than as a lover, his co-workers could also have had cause to want him gone.

The suspect, however, each time, is teacher Sandra Panitch, Jackson's latest, or more relevantly last, 'amour'. Her situation seems desperate and her defense lawyer Adam Hornstock underwhelming.

In "Cloudy", despite the professional rivalries, it is in fact a thwarted love which leads directly to Jackson's demise, since his assistant Priscilla Osterman, could no longer take being constantly overlooked, and under cover of greenscreen committed the murder, and managed to pin it on Sandra. Priscilla knew Jackson catalogued his conquests, and was careful to stay 'invisible', but when the tape of that evening is examined carefully, her silhouette is just barely visible.

In "Remake", Priscilla looks a likely candidate too, and nursed the same kind of crush, but her alibi is solid, and the duo must look elsewhere. Jackson's recordings were common knowledge, and Morty, horrified at the thought that his marriage was being derailed by the weatherman, followed him and 'Connie' and committed the murder. He wore a green suit to blend into the greenscreen, but during the attack one of the loves ripped, and a ring, still on his finger in court, was momentarily visible. When Morty realized his wife wasn't the current woman at least, he arranged the evidence to make Sandra look like the murderer.

Jackson Hale is played by Mark Brandon in "Cloudy" and Dana Ashbrook in "Remake". Mr. Ashbrook played Bob Barker in "Dual Spires",

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