Grace Larsen
Grace Larsen
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Actress: Glenne Headly
Significant other(s): Woodrow Strode (formerly)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Autopsy Turvy
Last appearance: Autopsy Turvy
Dr. Grace Larsen was a mortician who used to date Woody in college. She murdered a man, and then made Woody look incompetent, because she was jealous of Woody's success, but the two seemed to rekindle their romance. She is portrayed by Glenne Headly.

Character BiographyEdit

Autopsy TurvyEdit

In Autopsy Turvy, Grace comes to the Santa Barbara Police Department when she finds a lacerated ear on a body that Woody recently ruled an accident. She comes in and it's revealed that her and Woody were ex-lovers. Chief Vick has Grace work with Woody, which Woody protests to, but Chief Vick says she's trying to help Woody not get fired. Although Woody was hesitant to work with her at first, the two start to act romantic towards each other, such as feeding each other whip cream covered strawberries, and stating how attractive the other is.

After Whip Chatterly is found having apparently killed himself and confessing to the murder, Woody and Grace are going to go out, however Shawn and Gus do further investigating and discover that Whip was murdered by Grace, and Grace was the killer all along. They try to call Woody, who found a capsule inside Whip's body that is another clue. Shawn and Gus call to tell Woody that Grace is the killer, but Grace doesn't let him answer the phone and takes out a gun. Woody asks her why, and she said she was always jealous of Woody, so she cut the ear so she could work with Woody. Just as she's about to kill Woody, Juliet busts in and arrests Grace.