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Mayor Gavin Channing
Former Mayor
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Sebastian Spence
Family: Renee Channing (wife)
Significant other(s): Abby (deceased)
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Brown
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Santa Barbarian Candidate
Last appearance: Santa Barbarian Candidate
Mayor Gavin Channing is the former mayor of Santa Barbara. He is portrayed by Sebastian Spence.


Not much is know about him other than he had a wife named Renee and was friends with Shawn. His one appearance suggests he was a fairly popular mayor. He liked to surf and, at first, his death was deemed a surfing accident, but Shawn later proved that he was killed by his right-hand man, Jason Straub. He was succeeded in his post by Tom Swagerty.


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