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Earth, Wind, and...Wait for It
This page is the transcript for the episode "Earth, Wind, and...Wait for It". Feel free to correct any errors.

SCENE: Santa Barbara, 1987, Past - Henry is lighting the grill outside in the backyard on a hot day

Shawn Spencer: Dad, Dad, Dad Dad, Dad!!!!!!!!!! (runs up to his dad with a fireman's hat)

Henry Spencer: Whoa!! Slow down, slow down fire.(puts arms out to prevent him from getting close)

Shawn Spencer: I now know what i want to be when i grown up, a fireman!!

Henry Spencer: I never would have guessed, and what exactly brought this up?

Shawn Spencer: Fireman Paul. He came to our school, he sooo totally rad.

Henry Spencer: Fireman Paul!!! Did he happen to be sober? Shawn come here.(walks over to back steps and sits down) Listen to me, you do not want to be a fireman.(takes Shawn's fireman's hat off)

Shawn Spencer: What why not?

Henry Spencer: Because you want to be a cop what do you think I've been teaching you all of these years.

Shawn Spencer: But being a fireman is the coolest.

Henry Spencer: Being a fireman is not cooler than being a cop

Shawn Spencer: They've got cooler uniforms, cooler trucks, cooler sirens, they even get the carry axes.

Henry Spencer: Axes!!!! I get to carry a gun. A real gun with real bullets, I get to shoot bad guys. I'm like Dirty Harry. Can you even name a famous fireman?

Shawn Spencer: Smokey the Bear?

Henry Spencer: First of all Smokey the bear isn't a fireman, number two he's not a real bear and number three he a BEAR!!!!!! He takes his poops in the woods. Is that what you want?

Shawn Spencer: Fireman Paul said you would say that. (puts fireman's hat back on, and walks towards the grill, pretending to put out fire) SHhhhh (looks at his dad)SHhhhhh(walks away)

SCENE: Santa Barbara, Present - A hooded figure is in an old abandoned building, they are poring what seam to be some kind of liquid on the ground. They then dump a bunch a cigarettes on the ground, and then lights a bunch more dropping them all on the ground.

SCENE: Santa Barbara,  Police Department Present - Shawn and Gus are trying to take a peak inside Karen's office, her blinds are closed. 

Shawn Spencer: What is going on in their? (hops onto bench to try and get a better view) Chief never closes her blinds, you know I don't like being out of the loop.

Juliet O'Hara: Shawn, what are you doing?

Shawn Spencer: Jules,(turns around and hops off bench) How about an update on the blinds situation.(starts walking)

Julie O'Hara: Oh, just some case with the fire department or something.

Shawn Spencer: Fire department, (turns to Gus) did you hear that?

Burton "Gus" Guster:  Of course I did I'm standing two and a half feet away from you.

Shawn Spencer: So whats the scoop.(stops information of Karen"s office)

Juliet O'Hara: Well apparently some building burned down last week on Bendeto on suspicious circumstances and they're asking for backup. Sorry guys got to go. (turns around and leaves)

Shawn Spencer: Dude, that's us, we're backup.

Burton "Gus" Guster: What?(fist bumps Shawn and he and Shawn go into the Cheif's office without permission)

Karen Vick: I strongly believe-

Shawn Spencer: Excuse use. (interrupting, Karen, Carlton, and a young women all turn around and look at them) We're looking for the fireman. He's probably wearing a yellow or red hard hat, maybe carrying an ax, probably a large bucket of sand. 

Burton "Gus" Guster: And a dalmatian.

Karen Vick: Discounting your interruption to a closed door meeting, (points to young women) Miss. Conrad is this city's arson inspector. 

Burton "Gus" Guster: Arson?

Shawn Spencer: Miss?

Burton "Gus" Guster: Hello.

Shawn Spencer: Arson, that's fire? (comes into Cheif's office along with Gus)

Burton "Gus" Guster: Yes.

Shawn Spencer: Shawn Spencer, head psychic SBPD (walks over the Conrad) I'm available, (hold out hand but she doesn't take it) for cases as well.

Morgan Conrad: Umm, I'm not going to do that.

Shawn Spencer: I understand (turns to Gus) obsessive compulsive.

Karen Vick: If you are finished Mr. Spencer, we would like to proceed with our meeting, so... (beckons them to the door with her hand)

Shawn Spencer: Oh, how rude of me. (sits down in chair)

Morgan Conrad: I would like to look at the criminal activity for that area.

Shawn Spencer: (gets up from chair) I believe her. 

Karen Vick: What?

Shawn Spencer: I'm sensing that Lassie (points to Carlton) is skeptical that this is arson.

Carlton Lassiter: Oh course I'm skeptical, she's an arson investigator, they always want it to be arson. It keeps their job viable.

Morgan Conrad: All I need is access to some of your files for the last few years.

Shawn Spencer: I can do it for you.

Karen Vick: What? 

Shawn Spencer: Come on Chief, I know where the file room is. Besides when you get down there, things can get tricky, some of those doors stick. 

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