Clive Noble
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Jason Priestley
Family: Barbie Noble (wife)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat
Last appearance: Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat

Clive Noble was a thief, along with his wife Barbie, who oftentimes pretended to be people they weren't, like injured on the road or a happy couple at Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat. In his own mind, Clive appears to be a Robin Hood-esque figure, perhaps including a 'chosen' surname. He is portrayed by Jason Priestley.

Character BiographyEdit

Neil Simon's Lover's RetreatEdit

In "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat", Clive and his wife Barbie are laying on the side of the road. When a man, Jerry Kincaid, checks to see if they're okay, they pop up with a gun and rob him. Later, Barbie and Clive head to Neil Simon's Lovers' Retreat, where they meet Shawn and Juliet. They chat and get to like each other, and decide to go to dinner together that night. The dinner goes great, with them getting along great together, however they see Jerry and quickly escape, making plans for tennis the next day.

When Shawn and Juliet get back to their room they discover they've been robbed. When they question they front desk about it, Shawn realizes it was Barbie and Clive, and that they were just using them. Shawn and Juliet follow the paper trail Barbie and Clive leave on a wine tasting, and find a Texan that Clive was scouting the night before, dead and missing a watch that Clive expressed interest in. Juliet and Shawn find Barbie and Clive trying to pull their side of the road trick again, but Juliet has them at gunpoint. 

Barbie and Clive insist they didn't kill the Texan, just purloined his watch and his briefcase. They also point out that of all the couples they robbed, Juliet and Shawn were their favorite. Shawn and Juliet, with Gus and the SBPD, later find the real killer, and Barbie and Clive aren't charged with the murder (but presumably are for the robberies).


  • Barbie and Clive Noble's names are allusions to Bonnie & Clyde, a famous criminal couple in the 1930s.