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Main CrewEdit

  • Steve Franks is the creator of Psych. Franks also has written and directed some episodes of the show, as well as writing it's theme song "I Know You Know" along with the rest of The Friendly Indians.
  • Andy Berman is a writer for Psych. He has written more Psych episodes than anyone else, with 21 episodes. He is a producer and occasional director or extra for the show.
  • Mel Damski is a director for Psych. He has directed the most episodes of Psych with 19 episodes being directed by him.
  • Chris Henze is an executive producer for Psych. He has produced 75 episodes, as well as recording the audio commentaries for the Psych DVDs. 
  • Kelly Kulchak is and executive producer for Psych. She has produced 75 episodes, as well as recording audio commentaries for the Psych DVDs.
  • Saladin K. Patterson is a writer and producer for Psych. He has written 13 episodes.
  • Anupam Nigam is a producer, writer and story editor for Psych
  • Tim Meltreger is a writer for Psych, having written 9 episodes for the show. He also performed the Psych theme song "I Know You Know" along with the rest of The Friendly Indians.


  • Andy Berman (also directed 2 episodes and a producer) (21 episodes)
  • Josh Bycel (also a producer) (4 episodes)
  • Kell Cahoon (9 episodes)
  • Bill Callahan (also executive producer) (9 episodes)
  • Lee Goldberg (1 episode)
  • Todd Harthan (also a producer) (7 episodes)
  • Daniel Hsia (2 episodes)
  • Carlos Jacott (1 episode)
  • Kerry Lenhart (2 episodes)
  • Tim Meltreger (also performs the show's theme along with The Friendly Indians) (9 episodes)
  • Anupam Nigam (also producer and story editor) (10 episodes)
  • Saladin K. Patterson (also a producer) (13 episodes)
  • William Rabkin (1 episode)
  • James Roday (also directed 5 episodes, producer, and stars as Shawn Spencer) (13 episodes)
  • Tami Sagher (1 episode)
  • John J. Sakmar (2 episodes)
  • Douglas Steinberg (2 episodes)
  • Victoria Walker (1 episode)


  • John Badham (6 episodes)
  • Andrew Bernstein (3 episodes)
  • Timothy Busfield (1 episode)
  • Jay Chandrasekhar (also appeared in Bollywood Homicide as guest star) (4 episodes)
  • James L. Conway (1 episode)
  • Martha Coolidge (1 episode)
  • David Crabtree (2 episodes)
  • Mel Damski (19 episodes)
  • Michael Engler (1 episode)
  • Jason Ensler (1 episode)
  • John Fortenberry (1 episode)
  • Reginald Hudlin (2 episodes)
  • Joanna Kerns (2 episodes)
  • John T. Kretchmer (1 episode)
  • John Landis (3 episodes)
  • Eric Laneuville (2 episodes)
  • Michael Lange (1 episode)
  • Paul Lazarus (1 episode)
  • Jennifer Lynch (1 episode)
  • Tim Matheson (3 episodes)
  • Tawnia McKiernan (2 episodes)
  • Michael McMurray (2 episodes)
  • Jeff Melman (1 episode)
  • Steve Miner (1 episode)
  • Arlene Sanford (1 episode)
  • Oz Scott (1 episode)
  • Matt Shakman (4 episodes)
  • Lev L. Spiro (1 episode)
  • Stephen Surjik (7 episodes)
  • Brad Turner (1 episode)
  • Michael Zinberg (3 episodes)


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