Carl Wilcox
Christmas Joy 44
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Don McManus
Family: Brittany Wilcox (daughter)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Santa
Status: Alive
First appearance: Christmas Joy
Last appearance: Christmas Joy

Carl Wilcox is a con-man. He is portrayed by Don McManus.


Christmas JoyEdit

In "Christmas Joy", Carl, when first encountered, is perhaps the least 'Santa-looking' individual in holding, but Gus and Shawn were swayed by his daughter Brittany's tears to take a pro bono case, getting him out of jail. This is easily managed when Shawn notices that one of his cell-mates is a Krav Maga master, and 'Santa' only has defensive wounds, meaning he didn't attack anyone.

The boys are, however, shocked to discover they've been taken by a miniature con artist, since Brittany is Carl's daughter, and needs him out to pull a job on December 24th. When Carl's long-time partner-in-crime, Theodore Meltregger, turns up as a stiff among the Wise Men, Carl is the prime suspect, but he convinces Psych, again in a lachrymose manner, that violence is not and never was his thing. Lassiter takes Carl's place at a key moment to flush out the real killer, Moncrief Johnson, and all's well that ends well, especially when, after goodbye hugs from the father-daughter duo, Shawn gets his wallet back - twice.