Brett Connors
Retired Captain of the SBPD
Gender: Male
Age: 50's
Actor: Kurtwood Smith
Family: Trish Connors (daughter)
First appearance: Forget Me Not
Last appearance: Forget Me Not

Captain Brett Connors is the retired captain of the Santa Barbara Police Department and the father of Trish Connors.

Working at Santa Barbara Police DepartmentEdit

Back in the day, he and Henry used to be good pals, solving cases together and even chaperoning school field trips together.

Forget Me Not Edit

Connors comes in with his daughter asking for help. He believes that he has solved a case, but doesn't remember who died or got killed. Later that day he is having lunch with Henry and Shawn sees a poster of a missing man. This poster causes Connors to remember who the killer is, but since he has early on-set Alzheimer's Henry thinks he is getting confused with an unsolved case that he and Connors were on back in the day. Shawn and Gus are willing to help him, however, and in the end it turns out that the missing girl Zoey was killed by Edna Crocker, whose son Mort Crocker is the missing man on the posters.