Origin: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Genre(s): R&B, Pop, Soul
Associated acts: Quarterblack
Members: Burton "Gus" Guster
Tony Clemon
Shawn Spencer
Drake Clemon
Past members: Leonard "Diddle" Callahan
Blackapella, in extreme (Shawn-centric) cases known as Quarterblack, is Gus' old a cappella group that he formed with friends while in college. They split up due to irreconcilable differences, but managed a reunion of sorts to solve the murder of one of the former band members, Leonard "Diddle" Callahan. Shawn later suggests that they change their name to "Quarterblack", saying that the math made perfect sense, but if it were to make sense, then they would have been called either "Quarterwhite" or "Three-quarterblack", neither of which roll of the tongue very well.


Former membersEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Blackapella was a key part of Dulé Hill's favorite episode "High Top Fade Out".